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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 29.06.2018

  1. We’re excited to be partnering up with Ogilvy Healthworld in our upcoming webinar, which will present the highlights from our social listening of the largest oncology conference, ASCO, held in Chicago earlier this month. To learn how pharma companies can use social listening and the insights gained to increase engagement, sign up to the Social Check-Up at ASCO 2018 webinar here.
  2. Grew up in the 90s? If so, you may remember POGs. The game, also known as Milk Caps, consisted of decorated cardboard discs that you swapped with your mates during break time. If you were one of those that actually enjoyed the playground craze, you’ll be thrilled to hear it looks to soon be available in app form. Here’s the crowdfunding page if you want to help make that happen.
  3. Ten years ago, the phenomenon of cyberbullying was barely heard of. But as social media has become an indispensable part of our lives, especially young people’s, reports of online harassment has skyrocketed and is steadily growing each year. This week, UK digital minister Margot James presented a proposal to limit online anonymity in a measure to crack down on anti-social online behaviour. Victim of cyberbullying? This list takes you through the best way to respond (or rather not respond) to your troll.
  4. Earlier this month, our Insights Manager in Vietnam explored the much-hyped superhero sneaker collaboration between Marvel and Vietnamese footwear brand Biti’s. The campaign appeared to be nothing short of a success, but, digging deeper, there’s definitely more to it than meets the eye. Learn about the role of peer-to-peer reviews and how brands can foster long-term consumer relationships in part 2 of the Marvel X Biti’s blog series.
  5. If we thought the previous World Cup week was action-packed, the last seven days have seen a whole new set of highs and lows for the best footballing nations in the world. So, what’s been trending on social in our local markets this rollercoaster third week of the tournament? Click through to our latest blog post! ⚽

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