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The Convosphere Digest | Issue 5, 2024

This month, we’re gearing up for the upcoming Meltwater Summit in New York City, which kicks off next week. The event, packed with two days of networking and thought-provoking sessions with industry leaders, will be an opportunity to connect, exchange ideas and immerse ourselves in the latest trends. Will you be there, too? Let us know! It would be great to catch up over a coffee.

In other news, we’re delighted to announce the addition of social video listening to our suite of services. With content consumption shifting to video platforms, brands must pay attention to these platforms in their research and marketing strategies, analysing not just consumed content but also how and why consumers engage with it. We’ve developed fully customisable social video listening capabilities, helping brands learn from video content trends and viewer interactions across platforms. Curious about how this can benefit your brand’s social intelligence strategy? Click here to learn more.

As always, and taking into account your feedback from our recent newsletter survey, we’ve curated a selection of insightful reads for you. Until next time! 👋

The Convosphere Team

PS: Thank you to everyone who completed our newsletter survey. Want your say? Although the Amazon voucher is no longer up for grabs, we still welcome submissions. Your feedback genuinely means a lot to us!

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The Future of Political Strategy: Social Listening and AI

With so many elections taking place around the world this year, understanding voter behaviour is a hot topic on the news agenda. Our webinar, How Social Data Predicted Trump’s 2016 Win When Polling Data Failed, highlighted how social listening can provide insights that are more accurate than traditional polling methods. This article explores the transformative potential of generative AI in politics, discussing its ability to analyse and summarise voter insights through social listening.

The Social Insights Academy Returns with a Live Session on Trends Identification & Analysis

Join us on 11th July for our live training webinar, The Tools & Methods to Identify Emerging Trends and Viral Sensations. Discover how advanced tools and methodologies can help you understand market shifts and stay ahead of the game. Register now to gain practical insights, learn about trend scales and get expert advice on selecting the best tools. Can’t attend live? No worries – you’ll receive a replay link post-event.

Recommended Read: How To Adapt A Brand Strategy To Build Recognition Globally

We enjoyed reading this Expert Panel piece by Forbes, which offers plenty of food for thought on navigating the complexities of reaching diverse global audiences. We were particularly happy to see point 10 highlighted, as it emphasises the importance of ongoing local market research via social listening, something we always advocate for. Which point resonates the most with you? What’s your experience with adapting brand strategies for different markets?

Here To Support Your Insights Needs

At Convosphere, we understand the challenges businesses face in navigating the complex world of online insights. That’s why we specialise in custom social listening and digital insights, analysing web and social data globally in over 100 languages to help you stay ahead. Our expert analysts dive deep into consumer behaviours, offering precise, actionable reports that deliver recommendations that drive your strategic decisions forward. With our culturally aware approach, we ensure your brand truly understands and connects authentically with communities globally, addressing your unique needs with tailored solutions.

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