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Influencer Analysis

Influencers, also known as Key Online Influencers (KOIs) or digital opinion leaders, can be used to maximise your brand awareness and attract your audience quickly and effectively.

We can help you to

Verify Influencer Authenticity

Amplify Your Online Presence

Strategise Influencer Partnerships

Influencer Analysis – our client success stories

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At Convosphere, we verify the authenticity of influencers that offer the most value and impact for our clients. Using social listening tools, we filter out influencers and rank them in relation to authority, reverberation, audience, timing, relevance and engagement opportunities.

Our use of social influencer mapping allows us to filter out any ineffective influencers and compile a list of influencers with potential to maximise your ability to successfully deliver your brand message and amplify your presence.

We highlight key content marketing influencers and provide real-time insights to your team to help deliver maximum value to your business by identifying those that influence your target audience and generate content which is optimised for maximum impact.

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    Promoting brand awareness

    Influencer marketing has become an essential means of promoting brand awareness and aims at connecting with a niche audience, in contrast to traditional advertising. For many brands, influencer marketing has become the go-to option in connecting with an audience.

    With our social influencer identification methodology, our team of experts can help craft a targeted influencer marketing strategy with existing and prospective customers. We identify influential authors relating to your product and audience.

    We help you develop a focused content marketing and influencer strategy to boost your brand and promote brand awareness and action.

    Influencer marketing strategy

    We identify and prioritise key online influencers within our opinion leader research and provide you with an in-depth understanding of their background, interest areas and social presence. We also look at how they are connected and how they will support in resonating your message with your target audience, bringing you the most effective influencer strategy.

    When narrowing down a list of suitable influencers, we evaluate and perform key opinion leader profiling based on expertise and relevancy in a specified topic area, the impact the influencer has had on their own social network with reach and engagement, a qualitative assessment on the nature of their followers in relation to demographics, identifying how often the influencer posts surrounding that subject area, whether their content is relevant and shares interest with the topic area, and how much engagement and value the influencer can bring.

    Based on these quantitative and qualitative variables, we help develop an effective campaign that is aligned with the influencer’s tone of voice and has the potential for an effective influencer campaign. We then present clients with a shortlist of the most suitable influencers for their campaign as well as potential engagement opportunities to create an effective social media influencer strategy.

    Make marketing a success

    We can support in locating effective influencers, measuring the overall outreach and influencer activity, and evaluating engagement rates and conversation volumes so that you’ll know the value of the campaign and each individual influencer, beyond the sales figures.

    We help you to understand the stages of your buyer journey, including awareness and the decision-making process when investing in your product. Once you have a clear understanding, you’ll be able to reach your customers better than ever before and create a long-lasting and trusted impression.

    Grasping and understanding how influencers can make a difference to the execution of your campaign is the first step in making your opinion leader marketing a success.

    We use a multitude of platforms so we can bring together a variety of influencer analysis metrics. But, more importantly, we add a layer of human insight and local knowledge that brings much greater depth to the identification of influencers.

    Opinion leader marketing

    Whilst key opinion leader marketing often poses a challenge for calculating cost effectiveness, using our in-house methodology, our team of experts can measure the return of investment (ROI) of your influencer marketing campaign, so you’ll be able to track the success during every step.

    We use our social listening tools to monitor the performance of the campaign and combine different technologies to enable us to track engagement levels, brand and product awareness, virality and conversion trends on a local and global level.

    Our influencer analytics tracks the performance of the influencer campaign with a social listening platform whilst running key audience analysis for a 360-degree view of the campaign.

    To learn more about our influencer identification and analysis, please get in touch today to receive further information from one of our analysts.