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We are experts at generating the insights brands and sports organisations need to build successful strategies and connect with fans.

How our cross-market social listening unveils deep insights about consumer behaviour across the sports industry

Through social listening and audience analysis, brands and sports organisations can get a holistic view of the fan experience, uncovering behaviours and attitudes, and the drivers that sit behind these.

Leveraging behavioural and attitudinal data, we produce meaningful customer segments that provide deeper insights about the audiences that matter to your brand or product.

We verify the authenticity of influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to identify those with potential to maximise your ability to successfully deliver your brand message and amplify your presence.

We deliver expert insights in market positioning as a crucial part of industry benchmark analysis. Our tried and trusted competitive-intelligence analysis can help you identify ways to overcome competitors or enter a new market.

With billions of data points to interrogate, social listening can provide granularity and causal explanations of a brand’s performance. Our team has the resources, knowledge and experience needed to track and analyse shifts in your brand, products and industry over time.

Customer journeys are not linear and there is no “one size fits all” solution. We produce bespoke, category or brand specific customer journey maps based on real consumer behavioural and attitudinal data.

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Sports fandom and big data analytics

The global sports industry has witnessed a boom in recent years, driven by the spectator sector in the form of media rights, sponsorships and merchandising. At the same time, the rise of digital media has paved the way for esports and live streaming. Amidst all these changes, one aspect has remained unchanged: the desire of the fans to feel a connection to their teams and sporting stars. And, thanks to the interactive nature of social media, brands have the perfect opportunity to strengthen an even deeper and more meaningful link with these fans. As with any industry, brands need to understand their target groups to successfully connect with them.

Through social listening, brands and sports organisations can get a holistic view of the fan experience, uncovering behaviours and attitudes, and the drivers that sit behind these. Consumer-generated reviews and forums help would be-buyers evaluate the options available and ensure they make an informed decision on how to spend their money. While the dynamic nature of peer-to-peer interactions can appear overwhelming for brands, they also present a wealth of opportunities. Whereas once traditional surveys were the only method to gain reliable customer-insight, brands can now treat these online conversations and exchanges as an enormous focus group. By listening for mentions linked to their product and industry, brands will be able to spot emerging trends, gain a holistic view of their position in the space and benchmark their brand against competitors.

Through sophisticated multilingual social listening and audience analysis methodologies, these mentions can be broken down by geography, demographic and channels.

Since the preferences of shoppers are affected by their cultural surroundings, lifestyle and age, these insights provide brands the means to target specific audiences through tailored strategies and content. Taking vacuum cleaners as an example – in our research, we’ve found that consumers in some markets value silent technology above anything else while, in others, environmentally friendly technology is a top priority.

Through our sophisticated multilingual and cross-market trend monitoring and brand tracking, and in-house methodologies for competitor benchmarking and influencer identification, Convosphere are experts at generating the insights Consumer Electronics brands need to convince consumers that their product is the one to pick.

Whether you are a sports organisation looking to build your fanbase to improve sponsorship acquisition, or a brand wanting to connect with fans, big data analytics and social listening offer the solution. Contact us today to find out how we can help your brand.