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The Value of Cultural Insights

While the findings of social data research can have correlation and relevancy across different markets – true insights need to take into account not just the language of a market but cultural relevance and nuance to deliver actionable insights that make a difference. With our global team of in-country analysts – native in the local language, culture and social media – we go beyond hard numbers to deliver the most accurate and actionable insights and recommendations to future-proof your brand.

Spotting the cultural codes in conversations and behaviour

Are you preparing to launch your business in a new region? Or at the early stages of assessing new export opportunities and ways to leverage your success internationally? Or are you looking for a way to improve the resonance of your brand messaging in existing markets? Cultural insights will help you to stay up to date on cultural shifts and emerging trends, making sure your brand keeps pace with the changing times.

More than just the latest buzzword, culture is a powerful force that holds influence over consumer behaviour and society through the norms, values, belief systems, traditions and behaviours that it helps inform. It reveals hidden patterns that exist within groups and societies, allowing for unique insights to be gained that can identify new opportunities, help mitigate risks and counter any inherent biases. Yet, these cultural codes are difficult to spot, often submerged just below the surface of conversational data.

Why context matters

Context matters in social intelligence, which is why data needs to be culturally interpreted to ensure the insights paint an accurate picture and representation of local groups and communities. This work needs to be done by experienced analysts as social listening software alone, no matter how sophisticated, is unable to account for irony, idioms and tone. One word or phrase in the same language, but used in different countries or regions, can have different meanings depending on cultural variations in meaning or pronunciation. Adding to the challenge, these cultural variations are not static but shift constantly, meaning brands need to keep a finger on the pulse or risk missing out.

Humanising the data

The value of global social listening lies in the cultural insights it can unveil. Our approach ensures we do not apply truisms across all markets. Rather than trying to fit markets into a templated set of predefined results and relying on the data to do the work, our approach allows for new discoveries and nuanced cultural and linguistic differences to emerge. Think of it as painting in the blind spots of data; by humanising the numbers, we can fill in the gaps in the results. Having this deeper layer of understanding and putting it in context allows you to see the drivers and influencers behind the data a vital step in order to turn strategic decisions into efficient, targeted and impactful actions.

Global team for cultural relevancy

With our team of 150+ specialised analysts, across the world, native in language, traditions and social channels, Convosphere is ideally placed to read social data and identify cultural shifts. In this way, you can have a global view which provides true social intelligence on local audiences and segments leading to more successful impact, implementation and engagement.

Speak to a member of our team to learn how cultural insights can become your organisation’s secret weapon to uncover new opportunities and achieve business objectives.