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Brand Tracking & Performance

Digital brand visibility, tracking and online presence is becoming more and more important as users become increasingly reliant on the web. And while the latest marketing technology can be dazzlingly overwhelming, our team has the resources, knowledge and experience needed to track your brand digitally over time.

We can help you to

Track in Real-Time

Monitor Consumer Perceptions

Measure Campaign ROI

Brand Tracking & Performance – our client success stories

Case study - An Agile Approach To Developing Customer Personas

Fashion Brand Communication and Attribute Tracking

Many brand tracking solutions provide the metrics and changes to these but are unable to answer why brand reputation has increased or perception has decreased.

Social brand tracking allows you to fill in the gaps and explain shifts to your stakeholders. With
billions of data points to interrogate, social listening can provide granularity and causal
explanations of a brand’s performance.

What is brand tracking?

Brand tracking refers to the process of measuring a brand over time. Some metrics include brand perception, exposure, awareness, recognition and sentiment.

Brand tracking returns quantifiable data used to establish ROI, brand equity, support future investments and direct brand strategy decisions.

With enough data, analysis and experience, we can measure brand performance over specific time periods. For example, we can track consumer brands with large social followings using real-time social listening tools to measure and analyse positive and negative associations with the brand. This can even be done across multiple languages with our multilingual social analytics capabilities.

Whether you are launching a new product internationally, tracking brand growth over time or simply carrying out a brand repositioning phase, our brand tracking solution will give you the data, analysis and insights you need to make data driven decisions.

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    Our brand tracking solution

    Our multilingual analysis team will digest and analyse digital shifts in your brand, products and industry. The best way to futureproof your brand is to understand how your campaigns have impacted consumer perception. We measure, analyse and report on the following:

    Brand equity tracking

    Brand situation analysis

    Brand image analysis

    Brand competitive analysis

    Brand analysis

    ROI tracking

    Brand awareness

    Brand studies / history

    Brand perception

    Brand performance

    Brand sentiment

    Brand perception analysis

    Get a real grasp on where you can win against your competitors by comparing consumer perceptions towards them over time.

    When we delve into brand situation analysis and benchmark this against competitors, our brand perception measurement turns actionable insights into competitive advantage.

    For a B2B company, social listening can be great for competitive benchmarking as well. We can look at who out of your competitors has the largest share of voice, or keep an eye on latest developments. That’s on top of learning more about potential customers and tracking your brand over time.

    You’ll also want to carry this out over a certain period of time and forward into the future.

    If a new competitor appears or you launch a new product, you need to make sure you’re collecting data to cover these cornerstone events.

    ROI tracking for new product launches

    Whether you’re preparing for a product launch and want to understand your customers’ perceptions towards a certain situation, or you’ve launched a new service and need to track the ROI of your social media launch ad, we have the tools and skills that you need. We can help conduct brand management, track PR issues, and influence product design too, leaving no doubt about just how powerful and invaluable social listening is when it comes to measuring return on investment.

    Make marketing a success

    It’s important with any type of tracking to establish baseline metrics. This way, you can compare data to something tangible for your brand. Whether it’s an increase or decrease, you can make more quantifiable analysis takeaways.

    Only by understanding how buyers see you — your strengths and weaknesses — can you know where to focus your attention. Brand studies are a balancing act of qualitative research and quantitative analysis. The data we gather will allow you to establish powerful insights and direction.

    To learn more about our audience segmentation methods and how they can help you manage your consumer relationships, please get in touch today to receive further information from one of our analysts.