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Network Analysis

Navigate social media listening with our network analysis. By segmenting online worlds based on real connections, rather than subjective values, we generate a global view of entire networks to help brands better understand how to reach uniquely defined audiences, measure impact and track true influence.

We can help you to

Reveal Centres of Influence

Trace Message Reach

Improve Targeting Efficiency

Network Analysis – our client success stories

Our network analysis extends beyond Twitter, generating a global view of entire networks by looking at engagement patterns on any given topic, on any open-source, monitorable platform. By transforming complex methodologies into digestible concepts, we help brands make their social listening strategies more impactful.

Identify authentic influencers, based on their role in a specific topic, rather than standalone metrics.

Cartosphere reveals the segmentation that organically occurs in a social network, based on patterns of engagement.

Cartosphere shows exactly how and where a campaign, a narrative or an individual social media post makes its way across the digital world.

By looking at how hyperlinks connect websites, and how embedded links move people from social media to other sites, Cartosphere can detect exactly how communities form across the open-source digital landscape.

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    Some of the applications of our network analysis:

    Track true influence

    Who is an influencer? And whom do they influence? You won’t find the answer to these questions by looking at audience size or the number of times a specific tweet was retweeted. Influence is not based on discrete numbers, but an entity’s role in a network. Via dynamic maps, we can easily identify centres of influence and the communities behind those gatekeepers.

    Measure campaign efficiency

    Rather than counting the engagement or total followers, our network analysis can show exactly how and where a campaign, a narrative or an individual social media post makes its way across the digital world. Instantly, we can reveal precisely the communities that engaged with the content, helping you to understand if it reached the right target groups.

    Improve targeting accuracy

    Targeting on social media is about two things: affinity and accuracy. Our network analysis reveals the segmentation that organically occurs in a social network, based on patterns of engagement. It also shows the centres of influence, the gatekeepers, that hold the keys to these communities. We can help you better target communities about which you care, and avoid those that might damage your brand.

    Understand influence & segmentation across the digital world

    Our network analysis extends beyond Twitter. Its methodology can be applied to blogs, news, forums and anything open source that bears relevance to your project – be it about understanding segmentation in the blogosphere, discovering centres of influence on Reddit, or seeing how your campaign makes the news. Our network analysis can detect exactly how communities form, and around whom,  to help you see what happens to your content when it leaves areas of social media that are easily monitored.

    A New Dimension in Social Media Intelligence

    Our network analysis blends different methodologies and a deep human understanding of people’s behaviours and motivations, to help brands effectively navigate social media in a world that increasingly takes place online.

    Cartosphere Network Analysis

    Social listening has long been considered a choice between qualitative or quantitative analysis; organisations beginning their journey into social media intelligence often feel the options are binary. Should they focus on what a select group of people think – with the deeper insight generated by closer, human stories to help us build content strategies or further product innovation? Or should they be guided by raw numbers – gaining an understanding by comparing thousands or even millions of data points, and using these to predict movement and trends?

    We offer another way organisations can approach analysis of social media data – one that lets them integrate both qualitative and quantitative methods for a panoramic view of their universe. Because it’s when we approach analysis with a full understanding of both the subject matter, and how we fit within it, we optimise our chances of generating valuable insights, and, in turn, achieving strategic success. Only by visualising the entire atlas, rather than relying on others to lead us with turn by turn directions, can we fully explore the world around us.

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