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From streaming services to multi-channel experiences, new technologies are not only changing the way entertainment is consumed but also how consumers interact with content. Our multilingual social listening and audience profiling techniques can unveil deep insights across any market that are truly valuable to your entertainment brand.

How our multilingual social listening unveils deep insights about consumer behaviour across the entertainment industry

The new media landscape has changed where and how people decide what to consume. Online conversations and peer-to-peer recommendations offer a goldmine of information for production and entertainment companies. 

Leveraging behavioural and attitudinal data, we produce meaningful customer segments that provide deeper insights about the audiences that matter to your brand or product.

We verify the authenticity of influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to identify those with potential to maximise your ability to successfully deliver your brand message and amplify your presence.

We deliver expert insights in market positioning as a crucial part of industry benchmark analysis. Our tried and trusted competitive-intelligence analysis can help you identify ways to overcome competitors or enter a new market.

With billions of data points to interrogate, social listening can provide granularity and causal explanations of a brand’s performance. Our team has the resources, knowledge and experience needed to track and analyse shifts in your brand, products and industry over time.

Customer journeys are not linear and there is no “one size fits all” solution. We produce bespoke, category or brand specific customer journey maps based on real consumer behavioural and attitudinal data.

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Changing media landscape

Whereas once mainstream media was the main channel to learn about new releases and events, this has been replaced by online channels. When forming an opinion about the choices available, consumers no longer rely solely on critics’ reviews or their immediate social circle but turn to forums and social media for peer recommendations. Online word-of-mouth (WOM) has by and large replaced mainstream media as the main influence in the discovery and evaluation phase.

Taking cinema releases as an example, the buzz around high-profile films can be measured long before the release date, when fans begin to share their expectations on discussion boards and mainstream social media channels. In line with marketing output and trailers, the volume of conversations accelerates as people use social media to gauge opinions and engage with and reshare promotional content or trending posts. Mentions typically peak around the release date, but it’s not rare for box office hits to maintain traction for a long period after launch. Cast and characters, soundtrack, key scenes or even special effects and animation are addressed as moviegoers either engage in deep discussions or simply share their viewing experiences, whether good or bad, in a one-off tweet.

These conversations offer a goldmine of information for production companies. Not only do they reveal success factors and areas for improvement, but they also contain information about the viewers that can be used for in-depth audience segmentation and profiling. When combined, these insights into people’s likes and dislikes, viewership demographics and behaviours can be used to inform communication strategies, content development and marketing.

Regardless of the entertainment form, social intelligence offers companies the opportunity to pull insights and data to boost resonance, track and manage sentiment around their brand or product, and adapt to consumers’ needs and desires.

To learn more about our offering and how we can help answer your business questions, please get in touch today to receive further information from one of our analysts.