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Access our comprehensive whitepapers, reports and webinars to learn about social intelligence and how to discover actionable insights that deliver tangible business results.

Latest whitepapers & reports

Social Insights for Rare Diseases
The critical role of Social Insights for Rare Diseases
Discover how social listening can impact your Rare Disease strategy, identify key opportunities and increase commercial success.
Unlocking Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Region with Social Insights
Unlocking opportunities in APAC with Social Insights
Make better data-driven decisions with this comprehensive overview of the evolving dynamics and cultural nuances of the APAC region.
Decoding the Patient’s Emotional Journey Through Social Listening
Patient Emotional Journey Analysis
Map the Patient’s Emotional Journey to answer your key business questions and empower your customer engagement strategy.
Optimising Social Data to deliver meaningful Competitive Intelligence
Optimising Social Data to deliver meaningful Competitive Intelligence
Discover how social data insights can impact your Competitive Intelligence and increase commercial success
MS Report
Enhance your MS Strategy through Real Patient, Caregiver and HCP Insights
Develop a deep understanding of how to support and connect with MS patients and caregivers.
The Rise of Key Online Influencers (KOIs)
Identify Key Online Influencers (KOIs) and Optimise Your Influencer Marketing Strategy
Learn how healthcare brands can leverage social media insights to learn from KOIs and drive engagement.
Network Analysis
Discover Cartosphere Network Analysis
Download the guide to our new multi-platform solution – a new dimension in social media intelligence.
Optimising Real-World Evidence with Big Social Data
Real-World Evidence for Patient Insights
Learn how healthcare brands can leverage Social RWE throughout the clinical pipeline.
Congress Listening
Congress Listening at ASCO Annual Meeting 2022
Watch our webinar and download the report to learn about the hybrid congress experience
The Mixed-Methods Approach
Uncover Patient Needs with our Mixed-Methods Approach
Watch our webinar and download the guide on how to combine search analysis and social listening.
Identifying emerging opportunities in the inclusive beauty industry
Identify Opportunities in the Inclusive Skincare Industry
Discover emerging movements and niche segments by looking beyond the dominant trends.
Unlocking Opportunities in Emerging Markets with Social Insights
Optimise Your Emerging Market Strategy
Discover how our tailored social listening can help to empower your go-to-market strategy.
Unlocking Pharma Market Potential
How to Unlock Pharma Market Potential
Read our whitepaper to discover the power of online conversations in driving pharmaceutical success.

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