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Video Listening

Stay Ahead of Market Trends and Gain a
Deeper Understanding of Key Audiences.
Enrich Your Social Intelligence With Video.

Social Video Listening
Identifying The Pulse Of Key Moments and Cultural Trends

Video content on platforms like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram has not only revolutionised entertainment but also consumer engagement. Recognising this, Convosphere has developed robust and fully customisable social video listening capabilities, enabling brands to comprehensively harness the full potential of video content trends and viewer interactions across platforms.

Decode the Video Landscape Across Social Media

With content consumption shifting to video platforms, brands must deeply understand these platforms, analysing not just consumed content but also how and why consumers engage with it. Our access to public video content across TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and X offers a unique vantage point. We can analyse trending video topics, audience viewing behaviours, influential creators and a brand’s owned account performance on these platforms.

Key Features of our Social Video Listening

Trend Analysis and
Topic Identification

Dive into a wealth of video content to identify and analyse current and emerging trends. Understand which topics capture audience attention and how these trends evolve over time, enabling you to align your content strategy with consumer interests.

Influencer Collaboration

Pinpoint influential content creators across diverse niches and platforms. By analysing these creators’ reach, engagement, and audience demographics, we identify potential partnership opportunities that can amplify your brand’s presence and credibility.

Cross-Viewing Behaviour

Go beyond traditional metrics with insights into what else your audience watches. This analysis helps tailor your marketing strategies to broader interests, enhancing engagement across various viewer segments.

Competitive Intelligence on Key Video Platforms

Gain a competitive edge with detailed insights into how similar brands perform on platforms such as TikTok. Assess their content strategies, viewer engagement and audience sentiment to refine your own approaches.

Integrating Social Video
Listening into Your Digital

Whether used independently or as part of a combined approach with our other services, social video listening can significantly impact your marketing effectiveness. Our video social listening services are tailored to your needs, providing invaluable insights to inform your strategy.

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