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Convosphere | Social Intelligence Digest | June 2023

And just like that, we’re already halfway through the year. As we enter Q3, we find ourselves diligently gearing up for the months to come while looking forward to a much-deserved break in the sun. Rest assured, our commitment remains steadfast throughout the summer holiday season, as we continue to be available to welcome new projects and provide unwavering support to our clients.

In this month’s digest, we invite you to explore our new case study, where we demonstrate how our tailored campaign evaluation empowered an Asian ecommerce company to enhance content resonance and establish key performance benchmarks for future campaigns.

Additionally, stay informed about the latest digital trends and cultural insights in the Asia-Pacific region through our recently updated APAC market guide. Lastly, make sure to reserve your spot for the upcoming instalment in our new training webinar series. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the read!

Case study: Bespoke Social Media Campaign Tracking for an Asian Ecommerce Giant

As any good marketer knows, evaluating campaign performance is never just a numbers game. While social listening enables brands to assess key metrics – including impressions, engagement, sentiment and mentions – it’s also the ideal tool to carry out more qualitative assessments of the campaign’s true impact. By deep-diving into relevant campaign conversations, you can unlock the all-important ‘why?’ behind your campaign KPIs. Our latest case study shows how Convosphere’s tailored tracking and analysis solutions helped a Singapore-based international ecommerce company measure the true impact of their first multinational social media campaign to maximise resonance with target audiences in each market.

Consumer Insights and Digital Behaviour in the Asia-Pacific Region Whitepaper

Market Guide: Consumer Insights and Digital Behaviour in the Asia-Pacific Region

Exploring new opportunities in the Asia Pacific region? Download our updated APAC Market Guide for an invaluable snapshot of the evolving dynamics of the region. Assessing digital behaviour, cultural nuances and the business impact of local data laws, the annually revised guide explains how Convosphere’s team of native and in-country expert analysts are ideally equipped to help organisations inform their strategy through culturally relevant and actionable insights.

Webinar – The Social Insights Academy: Exploring HCP Conversations with Social Listening

Join us next month when we’re back with the next episode in our training webinar series, The Social Insights Academy. In this session, we’ll be focusing on how to use social listening to uncover the unmet needs and perceptions of healthcare practitioners (HCPs). We will address crucial questions, including how to leverage social listening to:

  • Identify HCPs’ unmet needs, concerns, and pain points related to specific treatment options or therapy areas
  • Identify the HCP types engaging in specific conversations
  • Uncover key emerging topics and trends within the healthcare industry
  • Understand the perceptions of HCPs towards specific treatment options

When: 13th of July – 1.30 BST / 8.30 EST

Register here: LINK

About the Social Insights Academy

Our new interactive webinar series is designed to help in-house research and analysis teams stay ahead of the curve in marketing and social insights. Each training session offers expert advice, practical tricks, and hands-on guidance focused on a business domain with actionable insight into how to better social listening tools and digital research technologies.  The first session, “Influencer Marketing in Pharma & Healthcare”, is available to watch on demand.

Sign up here to be the first to know about new sessions in The Social Insights Academy.


  • The long-term impact of the widespread use of artificial intelligence technology has been a hotly debated topic in recent years, and more so lately thanks to the arrival of ChatGPT. The music industry has been cited as one of the fields that will be rapidly reshaped by AI. We recommend this piece by the team at Infegy, which, through social listening, uncovers the reaction to the rise of AI-generated songs within the music industry and among the artists themselves.

Until next time!

The Convosphere Team