Proactive social listening and social media monitoring to identify and prevent crisis and identify emerging trends.

Trend Spotting

Identifying patterns and signs goes beyond simply collecting and browsing large amounts of data. Without context and real analytics, big data is meaningless. This is where Convosphere’s social listening expertise provides true value. By digging deeper and tracking your brand and related keywords in all the various channels, our team of digital media intelligence experts watch out for trends as and when they emerge. Trend identification will not only allow you to spot the movements driving negativity and positivity around your brand and in the industry as a whole, but also provide valuable insights to the conversations surrounding your brand, and your place within them.

  • Identifying emerging trends, their sentiment and meaning to your brand
  • Identify consumer trends that might impact on your company or brands
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We believe that our perspective of technology bundled with services will allow us to exploit the opportunities in machine learning and natural language processing to deliver immediate and real value to customers globally.