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Strategic Insights on Building a B2B Social Media Presence for a major beverage company

Industry: FMCG
Market: Europe
Language: English
Methodologies: Audience Analysis & Segmentation, Competitor Analysis, Content Analysis, Audit of Academic Research, Stakeholder Interviews

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As part of a transformational initiative to digitalise B2B operations in Europe a major beverage company was considering developing a social media presence to serve its B2B clients.

The company, a leader in one of the largest FMCG sectors in Europe’s most significant markets, hoped to understand:

• Which social platforms offer the most appropriate format for communications with their audience.

• How these audiences should be engaged and informed.

• The implications for a move to social platforms in terms of customer expectations, resourcing, servicing levels and content propagation.

• What has worked for other FMCG companies and what pain points should be anticipated.

This case study shows how our mixed-methods approach helped the client explore the value, and assess the pros and cons, of a B2B marketing strategy to bolster its B2B client base, with a focus on developing a social media presence.

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