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    The steps to producing in-depth audience profiling


    Build the sample from a flexible variety of approaches. Depending on your objectives and target market analysis, we can build an audience to match your needs. This could comprise your existing followers or those of your competitors, existing advocates or detractors of your brand, or people discussing specific topics that indicate an interest in purchasing within your category.

    Audience Segmentation

    Audience segmentation (or sometimes referred to as customer segmentation, consumer segmentation, market segmentation) is the practice of dividing consumers into meaningful and manageable subgroups based on defined criteria. At Convosphere, we deploy sophisticated audience segmentation tools to detect patterns within the sample, clustering people based on their shared behaviours, interests or characteristics. In this way, you can develop a more efficient targeting strategy and reach more relevant consumers in a more cost-effective way.


    We analyse and project commonalities in behaviour, geo-demographics, interests and content engagement to uncover your target audience profile. Outputs include media and brand preferences and wider lifestyle insights. These in-depth pen portraits bring your customer segments to life. We present each target market as people, not data points. We understand their beliefs, ways of seeing the world and attitudes about the world around them.


    People are not static creatures. We do not stand still for very long and should not be analysed in such a way. Our behaviours develop as we absorb new information and we can always change our minds! Our approach affords you the opportunity to listen and understand your target audiences dynamically. After creating your customer segmentation and market mapping, we listen to what your prioritised segments are saying and doing across the social web and identify the opportunities to engage and target them with specific, tailored communications. Our analysis and profiling will give you all the information you require to make robust business decisions, such as who to target, where to place your media spend, and how to optimise engagement with the best content.