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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 22.06.2018

  1. Attracting oncology experts from around the world, ASCO, the world’s largest cancer conference, took place in Chicago earlier this month. We conducted social listening to explore the online conversations and map the engagement around the event, and used our in-house methodology ConvoScore to rank the top authors contributing to the online buzz. The insights? All shared in our latest blog post. If you’re keen to learn more about ConvoScore and the performance of the pharma companies at ASCO 2018, make sure you attend the Convosphere & Ogilvy Health Webinar on July 5th. Sign up here.
  2. With fabricated stories spreading faster than truthful ones on social media, the fake news problem is unlikely to go away anytime soon. But now experts have found a way to help tackle the issue: the use of artificial intelligence (AI). By training AI to identify sites that publish fake news, companies can be informed of websites with a poor track record of verified content. This will help advertisers rule out contenders in their search for credible sites, meaning guilty parties will be hit where it hurts the most – their wallets.
  3. Not keeping up with the World Cup events? Feeling excluded in the post-match catch-ups in the office? Through facial recognition and live updates, Chinese electronics manufacturer Hisense’s AI-powered television will turn you into a true football pundit, so you can impress your colleagues with expert knowledge about the intricate details of the tournament. Once you’ve invested in the tech, all you’ll need is the shirt (yeah, you’re gonna have to pick a favourite team) to convince anyone of your hardcore fan status.
  4. If you can’t afford to splash out on the latest AI tech, then our World Cup blog post series will help you stay up to date with the tournament. OK, it may not turn you into a footy expert but it will inform you of the top tweets and funniest memes around the event trending on social, from China to Brazil.
  5. You’ve got a free weekend coming up and you’re dying for a fun day out with your friends, but getting everyone together turns into a logistical nightmare. After two hours on WhatsApp trying to find a time, place and activity to suit everyone’s taste you abandon the idea and end up spending the weekend on the sofa with your cat. Sound familiar? Enter IRL, the new app that helps people meet up — yup, you’ve got it — in real life. Click here to learn more about the way IRL’s innovative structure helps to alleviate the ‘social anxiety’ around hosting and planning meetups, as explained by its founders.

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