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World Cup 2018: Trending Tweets and Top Memes in our Local Markets | Week 2

The first round of group stage is now over and the World Cup has already brought a lot of surprises and unforgettable moments. From Cristiano Ronaldo playing like only he can, Germany losing to Mexico and England actually winning, we went online to find some of the ways in which fans are sharing their experiences of the tournament on social media.

The ridicule for simulation – Spain & Sweden

Both Spanish and Swedish social media users picked up on a GIF of Pepe (Portuguse defender) falling to the floor after getting two slaps on the back from one of the players in the Morocco team.

“The first deceased in #Russia2018. How sad, rest in peace”.

“Portugal’s doctor has informed that Pepe won’t be playing in the #worldcup anymore. His spine is broken. None was found on the x-ray.”

The fan reaction – UK

Harry Kane’s second goal against Tunisia left this fan lost for words and only able to communicate in gibberish.

The ubiquitous subtitle meme – Germany

This well-known Spanish news subtitle meme was put to good use by @ransport to ridicule the German team’s defeat by Mexico. The protagonist is introduced as the Mexican team trainer, explaining how surprised he was by Germany’s failed strategy, resulting in the inevitable hysterics.

“Okay, we must simply take #GERMEX with a sense of humour.”

The slapstick – Japan

Japanese fans showed their love for kawaii and blooper videos in this clip showing the Susaki City’s mascot Chiitan’s eye for camera.

“I scored a goal. Go for it Japan. I am Chiitan. #worldcup2018”

The touching story – Brazil

A follow-up viral story dating back to the 2014 World Cup. An internet star who found fame in a popular online video, which showed him breaking down in tears when Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany, passed away in 2015 following a cancer diagnosis. However, his sons have taken his hat and cup (which also starred in the original video) to represent their dad at the 2018 tournament.

“Ah my God! His sons have taken his cup and hat (to Russia) #Russia2018”

The best match metaphor – Germany

This tweet represents Germany’s loss to Mexico, with the big German shepherd being held at bay by a chihuahua with chutzpah.

The language-specific viral – Spain

This tweet, with a picture of Tunisia’s Mohamed Ben Amor, only works if you’re au fait with Spanish pronunciation. “Ben” sounds the same as “Ven” in Spanish, so Ven Amor can be read as “come here, love”. This prompted this user to offer up his response of  “Ya Boy (‘Voy’) Cariño”, which, for those of you that don’t speak Spanish, means “I am coming, darling”.

“I’m on my way, love”

Meanwhile, outside the Twitterverse, in China…

Iran’s decision to lift the ban on women attending sporting events captured the heart of China’s social media users, with the historic move referenced in over 414,000 conversations on Weibo. Some of Iran’s biggest female football supporters were able to watch a screening of Wednesday’s match between Iran and Spain at the Azadi stadium in Tehran.

Which teams will definitely be going home and which teams will have already secured their place in the last 16? And how fans will have reacted to these developments? We’ll find out in next week’s World Cup round-up!