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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 06.07.2018

  1. Another week, another blog post! To learn about the pitfalls and opportunities in China’s digital influencer industry, click through to our latest contribution by our Country Manager in China, who explains how Convosphere’s influencer identification approach helps you sort the wheat from the chaff in your search for legitimate KOLs.
  2. Dreaming of becoming Insta-famous? Then this new art installation in Los Angeles might inspire you to walk the extra mile to grow your audience. Open only to social media influencers with either verified Twitter accounts or 20,000+ Instagram followers, this trendy wall mural is guarded by security that checks wannabe-posers’ accounts before allowing them through to take a snap. A marketing stunt or yet another example of how social media rules the world in 2018? What do you make of it?
  3. The presidential election in Mexico on Sunday saw a landslide victory for leftist candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Attracting interest from around the globe, the run-up to the election day was awash with reports about troll farms, bots and fake news factories. But to what degree does social media influence voting behaviour? This article explores the electoral threat of digital misinformation.
  4. Making a debut at this year’s World Cup, the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) has already caused a great deal of controversy. But the system is not the only new high tech solution that’s raised concern among the football fans visiting Russia this summer. Attached to a FIFA lanyard and worn around the neck, the fan ID is given to all World Cup visitors on arrival and grants access to benefits including visa-free entry into the country, free transport and retail discounts. But how is the personal data that’s obtained from these ID cards used? This article investigates.
  5. From Neymar’s alleged play-acting and the unexpected exits of Argentina and Portugal to the very tense match between England and Colombia that resulted in a flurry of yellow cards, the last-16 has certainly been full of drama. Check out what’s been trending on social in Convosphere’s local markets in our latest World Cup blog post!⚽

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