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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 13.07.2018

  1. Regardless of your location, you’re unlikely to have missed the coverage of the 12 young Thai footballers and their coach trapped in a cave in northern Thailand for 17 days. The discovery, and subsequent rescue, of the Wild Boar team generated interest around the world, both offline and online. This article presents the top hashtags on social, from Twitter to Weibo, and how the demand for updates saw the tweet confirming the safety of the boys attracting more than 200,000 likes and 56,000 shares within an hour of being published.
  2. Facebook arguably had a lucky escape following their breaching of the Data Protection Act in the UK. It was announced this week that the social media giant will be forced to pay £500,000 as punishment for their loose data protection policies. While the British data watchdog ICO was widely praised for bringing criminal action against Zuckerberg et al., critics expressed anger at the size of the penalty and likened it to a slap on the wrist. According to new data regulations implemented this year, the penalty could have totalled to hundreds of millions of pounds. Six years after its eagerly anticipated share flotation, It seems nothing can stop Facebook’s stock from soaring – not even a violation of the law.
  3. Planning a trip to Japan this summer? Unless you’re happy to couch surf, you may want to be aware of some regulatory changes that came into effect last month. Nearly 18 months after New York introduced new rules concerning short-term housing lets that resulted in a significant drop in Airbnb rentals in the city, the Japanese government have issued new private lodging restrictions. How will it affect the country’s tourist industry? Find out here.
  4. It’s been an eventful week in the UK. Less than 24 hours after England lost their chance of World Cup victory, the US President touched down in London. The long-awaited visit has fuelled debates around his controversial politics and the future relations between the UK and US. Declaring that Britons “like me a lot” shortly before his arrival, Donald Trump has been as outspoken about the politics, people and popular culture of the British Isles as he is about most topics on Twitter. Here’s a look at some of those tweets.
  5. Are you among those that struggle to unwind when out of the office? With the summer holiday season upon us, for many of us, stress levels are at an all-time high as we try to get everything sorted and organised before putting our feet up. Here’s a list of apps to help you calm your mind to make the most of those precious weeks away from the desk. ?️

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