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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 31.08.2018

  1. From basic props to multi-dimensional experiences, product placement (PPL) is evolving rapidly as brands look for new ways to connect with their audience. But there’s a fine line between engaging and annoying when it comes to PPL with some experts describing this form of advertising as a delicate art. In this week’s blog post, our Korean Insights Analyst Wonkyung Shin explores the culture of PPL in K-drama (Korean drama) and how social listening can help brands stay one step ahead to win the approval of savvy viewers. ?
  2. Trying to finish that email or presentation but constantly finding yourself browsing the social media feeds? Most of us would admit to spending a bit too much time on our phones, but it’s when it starts to conflict with your real-life responsibilities that it becomes a problem. Now, Facebook and Instagram have developed a digital dashboard that will help users to keep track of the hours spent on the platforms and set daily limits. With 30% of consumers’ online time allocated to social media interaction, this might be just what we need to shift our attention.
  3. The use of apps to track your fitness levels, sleep cycle and daily steps is becoming an ingrained part of everyday life among health-conscious people. Those keen to take it to the next level (and who happen to live in or near NYC) can now visit Lab100. Designed to “empower patients“, this hybrid clinic offers the medical check-up of the future.
  4. This week, Instagram introduces the verification dot. As seen on Twitter, the blue dot serves to inform users that an account has been verified as authentic by the platform. But don’t get too excited. Although all users are free to apply for the prestigious badge, it’s only available to “notable” accounts, i.e. those with a large following. Influencer or not, it’s always worth a try!
  5. It’s officially the end of summer in Europe and for many of us, that means back to work. If waving goodbye to those precious weeks away from the desk fills you with dread, it might be time to explore ways to achieve a better work-life balance. This article has some inspirational ideas that will have you waking up with a smile on your face! ?

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