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Convosphere | Social Intelligence Digest | July 2022

Case study: Product Positioning in the Beauty Industry

From skinimalism to chemical purging, the beauty sector is characterised by fast-evolving trends and a constant demand for new and niche products. Download this case study to learn how we used consumer perception analysis and competitor intelligence to help a global beauty brand stand out from the crowd by utilising white space opportunities to appeal to target audiences internationally.

Report: The State of Social Listening in 2022

Recent years have witnessed the recognition of public social media channels as invaluable sources for consumer insights. Alongside the growth of social media analytics, social listening has become established as a discipline in its own right. Yet as a research form it is still nascent and businesses who try to incorporate it into their strategies often lack the confidence to fulfil its potential. So, how are companies using social data to support decision-making today? And what can be done to overcome the main social listening adoption hurdles? Explore The State of Social Listening in 2022 in the Social Intelligence Lab’s new report.

  • Whether we’re facetiming with a friend in a faraway country or ordering some last-minute groceries, omnipresent technology has become a taken-for-granted aspect of life in the digitally connected parts of the world. For brands, smart technology can provide the means to forge meaningful ties with consumers through tailored campaigns and content, but striking the right balance between personalisation and privacy is paramount. This post by our friends at Audiense shows three global players who are getting it right.
  • Described as ‘a continuum of immersive digital experiences‘, the metaverse might sound like it belongs in a sci-fi movie. But, widely predicted to become the next big platform of global technology, it’s real and here to stay. We’re intrigued by the new breed of brand-owned ‘meta-fluencers’ – computer-generated influencers created by the world’s top consumer brands using motion capture technology and NLP algorithms. Going by their popularity, these virtual idols are set to make a real impact on the B2C marketing landscape.


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