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Convosphere | Social Intelligence Digest | August 2022

Webinar & Guide: Discover the Benefits of our Mixed-Methods Approach

Did you know that customer-centric companies are on average 60% more profitable than those not focused on the customer? While most businesses are aware that customer-centricity is about more than offering loyalty cards and running promotional giveaways, many are challenged by the need to understand customers’ needs and how to best meet them. In this on-demand webinar and guide we explain how, by using our Mixed-Methods solution, we help our clients gain a comprehensive view of stakeholders’ informational needs so that they can build a robust customer-focused strategy.

Case study: Market Maturity and Consumer Perception Analysis of Clean Label Foods

Centred around unprocessed and so-called clean label foods, the clean eating movement is among the healthy lifestyle trends that have gained traction in recent years. But how do consumers’ perceptions of the clean label concept vary between countries and regions? And how can clean label food brands make sure their marketing is developed with each local market target group in mind? Read our case study to see how insights gleaned from our social data-driven perception analysis helped our client, an international FMCG brand, empower product innovation, outreach strategy and marketing in four of their key markets.

  • At Convosphere, we’ve always understood the importance of using native and in-country analysts to guarantee accuracy in our social intelligence projects. Shining the light on an incident where a machine translation error of a user’s post on Facebook had serious consequences for the poster, this article drives home the significance of the human element of big data and NLP and explains why AI isn’t yet ready to take over the workplace.
  • Bubble-tea, tofu and coriander aren’t the typical toppings that spring to mind when you think about pizza. But those unusual flavour combinations are available to order at Pizza Hut in Taiwan, which has been recognised as one of the country’s most inventive franchises. The Taiwanese team added the new pizzas after turning to the social-digital sphere to explore the preferences of local consumers via social listening.


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