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Convosphere | Social Intelligence Digest | Edition 7

Convosphere’s client MAPFRE nominated for Engage Awards

Congratulations to our client MAPFRE who have been nominated for Best Use of Customer Insight in the Customer Experience category of the Engage Awards. They ran an outstanding campaign and we are very proud that our team’s work played a part in its creation. Celebrating excellence in both customer and employee engagement, the awards programme will host a virtual ceremony on 3rd December. Want to know more about how Convosphere’s audience segmentation and netnographies contributed to global insurance company MAPFRE’s successful advertising campaign? You’ll find the case study here.

Blog post: How to prevent or overcome consumer backlash through social intelligence

Social media has radically sped up the rate at which reputations and news can develop and spread. How can brands use social intelligence to avoid a public relations disaster – or help them recover more quickly after being hit by a communication crisis? Our latest blog post looks at the recent controversy surrounding the vegan food brand Oatly to illustrate why keeping a close eye on industry trends and target audiences is the be-all and end-all when it comes to building and maintaining a credible brand.

Fake news threat: The best ways to tackle disinformation

Around the world, people took to social media to share their reactions to the US Elections result, resulting in a spike of trending new memes. While, for some, social media served as the ideal place to rejoice, the moment was characterised by deep divisions and conflict. It is evident that the global penetration of social media has made it possible for fake news to spread rapidly. In fact, due to fear that that fabricated sensationalist stories could inflame tensions, the social media giants recently introduced new measures to stop misleading content from going viral. But disinformation is nothing new, nor does it only concern politics. We’ve gathered some of the best pieces that look into the wider impact of fake news on consumer trust and the implications for brands.

  • This Forbes article covers brand reputation management and the importance of proactively countering false rumours.
  • Deep-dive research on persuasion knowledge and consumers’ reactions to fake news about brands on social media.
  • WSJ article on how brands can track online discussions to recognise the early signs of disinformation.

To learn how Convosphere’s Brand Tracking and Audience Insights can help keep your brand safe from the effects of misleading and false information, get in touch today.

In case you missed it…

Earlier this month, Convosphere’s CEO Jackie Cuyvers spoke of the importance of female companionship in this Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network article celebrating “the collective power of the small business community” featured in The Times.

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