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Convosphere | Social Intelligence Digest | August 2023

In a month that witnessed global reactions to the unexpected rebranding of Twitter to X and the electrifying triumph of Spain in the Women’s World Cup, the digital realm has been bustling with excitement and chatter. As we transition from the sun-soaked days (or rain showers!) of summer, we trust you’ve seized moments to relax and recharge. Here at Convosphere, we’re feeling that invigorating back-to-school vibe. With our metaphorical pencils sharpened, we’re geared up to embark on fresh ventures and delve into new opportunities – which we’ll be sharing more about in the near future. Immerse yourself in our latest digest and see you in September.

Case study: Deciphering Insurance Choices and Purchase Behaviours through our Mixed-Methods Netnography Solution

Navigating the intricacies of consumer behaviour is crucial for B2C brands across any industry, and insurance stands no different. In our latest case study, we reveal how our innovative mixed-methods netnography solution, supported by our collaboration with two partner research agencies, enabled leading insurance company MAPFRE to gain deep insights into the insurance purchasing habits of families in Spain. With this enhanced understanding of their target segment, MAPFRE has been able to craft communication strategies informed by our insights around the family life cycle and stages of the customer journey, and tailored to the unique dynamics of each household.

Blog post: Unveiling Consumer Insights Through Online Forums and Communities

In our latest blog post, we highlight the ‘unassuming’ channels of the digital age: online forums and message boards. At times overshadowed by the influence and status of the social media giants, these platforms remain vital wellsprings of raw consumer insights. Far from optional add-ons, incorporating forums in your social media listening strategy is a must. As rich repositories of candid sentiments, they offer a unique edge when interpreted by skilled and native-speaking analysts. Dive into our post to discover the significance of these platforms worldwide and their indispensable role in a nuanced, culturally-aware social listening approach.

  • Fierce competition and saturated markets are driving brands to explore emerging regions for international expansion. However, venturing into these markets is not a mere game of chance. The key? A profound understanding of their diverse cultures and linguistic subtleties. Tailoring campaigns to truly resonate with target audiences can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving. Our report ‘Unlocking Opportunities in Emerging Markets with Social Insights‘ explains the intricacies of the digital landscapes in these promising regions, and demonstrates the value of a culturally attuned social listening strategy.
  • Will the core essence of Twitter undergo major shifts? How might these impending changes affect my brand’s social media approach? Are tweets really going to be called “x’s”? And exactly what is Elon Musk’s grand plan? The questions are still mounting after the rebranding of Twitter to X last month, which saw the iconic blue bird replaced by a minimalist art deco X. We highly recommend this matter-of-fact piece on Social Media Today which offers some much-needed clarity amidst what many experts view as the most perplexing reinvention in the social media realm since the dawn of the internet.

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