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Convosphere | Monthly Digest | June 2019

  1. Following plenty of speculation, Facebook finally confirmed the details of their cryptocurrency earlier this month. Currently in development, the currency has been named Libra and is set to launch in 2021 alongside the underlying blockchain-based network that will support it. The project is linked to the company’s non-profit Libra Association, described as a financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people. However, the news of the cryptocurrency was met with scepticism as critics pointed to Facebook’s shady past in questioning their suitability to look after people’s money. Would you bank with the social media giant? Tweet us your thoughts!
  2. In case you’ve missed our latest employee spotlight, head over to our blog for a revealing Q&A with our China country manager, Peter Chen. He talks to us about what makes him tick both in and outside of work, insight solutions for Chinese social media data and why a small scar on his ear helps him tackle hurdles in his day-to-day life.
  3. Do you read the detailed terms and conditions on apps before ticking “Agree?’ No? Us, neither. Nor it seems did the 10 million Spaniards who downloaded La Liga’s app and inadvertently turned themselves into undercover spies discovering bars illegally streaming games. The app, which is used for keeping track of games and stats, was also, with the user’s agreement buried in those T&Cs, using the phone’s microphone to record audio to identify soccer games. It then used the geolocation of the phone to locate which bars were streaming without licenses. The Spanish data protection agency has fined La Liga, €250,000 for allegedly violating EU data privacy and transparency laws. A hard lesson for La Liga, but also a reminder for regular users to always check the small print.
  4. Maintaining, engaging and promoting content on a social network is crucial for brands to connect with consumers in Vietnam. A recent study by Q&Me found that of the 99% of Vietnamese who use a social network, 80% do so to follow a brand with the aim of receiving campaign or promotional information (72%), or to receive a new product or service update (66%). Loc Dao, our insights manager in Ho Chi Minh, can help your brand understand the best-in-class content to meet these consumers’ needs.
  5. Did you know that German is the most spoken language after English and Spanish in nine of the US states? French and Vietnamese come in as the second most common non-English/Spanish language in six states according to this Business Insider map. As lingo and data-nerds we find the result of the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey fascinating. Click through to see which other languages are among the top.

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