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Using Social Listening to Map

the Patient’s Emotional Journey

Using Social Listening to Map the Patient’s Emotional Journey
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Map the Patient’s Emotional Journey to answer your key business questions and empower your customer engagement strategy for greater impact and engagement in any market.

Learn how Convosphere’s patient-centric, multilingual social listening can be used to map the Patient’s Emotional Journey across markets and therapy areas, and how this can provide you with a deeper understanding of the emotional impact of the disease and treatment to answer key business questions, including:

– How do patients perceive their treatment options and what matters most to them?
– Why do some patients become non-adherent or switch from one treatment to another?
– How can we identify and break through treatment adoption barriers?
– How can we uncover patients’ unmet needs?

Social listening platforms are a good way for pharma brands to derive value from online patient conversation. They can help pharma researchers build a therapy area overview, track their brand share of voice against competitors, monitor stakeholder conversations and sentiment. They can even help build a treatment journey to pinpoint the conversation drivers of each stage.

But to truly listen to the patients and learn from their experiences, pharma brands should never rely on automated tools alone. Instead, they need to recognise the need for human-led analysis. After all, patients are individuals and so social media monitoring tools are, many times, unsuited to untangle the complexities of the human mind.

This case study report demonstrates the value of Patient Emotional Journey Analysis and how, by mapping the Patient’s Emotional Journey, Convosphere helped a multinational pharmaceutical brand, operating in the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) market, uncover and address the emotions, motivations and challenges experienced by MS Patients.

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