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Network Analysis

Developed by our expert team to provide brands with a detailed and effective content-targeting roadmap.
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Through easy-to-read data visualisations, our Network Analysis transforms numbers into stories and translates complex methodologies into digestible concepts.

By segmenting online worlds based on real connections, rather than subjective values, our Network Analysis helps brands answer key business questions, including:


• How do I identify authentic influencers, based on their role in a specific topic?
• How does my brand’s universe segment into topics and social groups, and how can this information be used to better target audiences that are relevant to us?
• How successful was my campaign or comms strategy at penetrating and resonating with key audiences?
• How do we understand influence, segmentation or campaign visibility away from X?

Download the guide to learn more about our new Network Analysis.
All the data for communities you care about. Our Network Analysis segments online worlds based on real connections, not subjective values. By analysing connections between entities on social media, it reveals precisely how to reach your uniquely defined audiences, providing brands with a detailed content targeting roadmap.

Our Network Analysis extends beyond X. It generates a global view of entire networks by looking at engagement patterns account-to-account or site-to-site, on any given topic, on any open-source, monitorable platform. Bloggers, news sites, forum threads and video sites are all crucial elements in the online influence network.

Cartosphere is a multiplatform solution

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