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A New Face in Beauty: Identifying emerging opportunities in the inclusive skincare industry

Discover how insights from social listening can unveil new opportunities to help beauty brands successfully connect with micro-consumer segments.

Discover how Convosphere goes beyond macro-level analysis to identify the micro-segments and emerging trends hiding behind the loudest voices in the digital conversation.

Once dominated by Caucasian and heteronormative beauty standards, the skincare and cosmetics industry is actively being redefined by a growing demand for a more diverse product offering and consumer movements calling for increased diversity.


So, as beauty inclusivity soars into the spotlight, what can digital conversation and internet data tell us about what consumers want? And which are the unexplored niche areas that can be tapped for potential and offer brands long-lasting growth?


Find out in our webinar and report.

Future-proof your beauty brand by identifying emerging opportunities in the inclusive skincare space.