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The Convosphere Digest | Issue 3, 2024

A Round-up of our Latest Resources, Events and Recommended Reads

As we step into Q2, we’re hoping the first few months of 2024 have laid a strong foundation for the year ahead for you! Here’s a quick update on the latest events and stories in the world of digital insights and social listening.

Coming up this month is The Social Intelligence Lab’s Trends Summit. The virtual event offers a chance to (re-)connect with peers and learn from the experts, including our very own Jackie Cuyvers. Her educational session aims to unravel the complex realm of insights tools, illuminating the array of tools for social listening, and showing how to select the most suitable ones for various tasks and integrate them into daily workflows.

On the topic of partnerships, industry discussions have been abuzz with talk about the merger between our official data partner, Talkwalker, and Hootsuite. This synergy marries Hootsuite’s analytical prowess with Talkwalker’s consumer insights expertise, heralding a new chapter in social media management. It’s a development that will add value to our processes and, by extension, to the services we offer to you.

And, when it comes to our insights services, we’re excited to announce our new video social listening capability. With access to an abundance of public video content across social media channels, we can now offer deep insights from this data. From dissecting trending video topics, analysing audience behaviours and identifying influential creators to evaluating brand performance on TikTok, our in-depth analysis equips brands with the intelligence to fine-tune engagement strategies and content creation. Want to learn more? Get in touch with our team – we’re just an email away. If you prefer, book a consultation with us here.

As always in our newsletter, we’ve handpicked a selection of insightful reads for you. So, grab your favourite coffee and dive into the latest industry insights and updates.

Unlocking Next-Gen Consumer Insights in Skincare & Beauty

Gen Z’s intrigue in neurocosmetics and Gen Alpha’s foray into anti-ageing products indicate a shift in skincare trends influenced largely by social media, notably TikTok. Brands face a delicate balance in navigating this landscape ethically and effectively. Our new mixed-methods insights solution, powered by global consumer data, offers brands a deep understanding of target demographics, helping them to connect with and educate today’s young skincare enthusiasts.

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On the Blog: Harnessing Japan’s Digital Trends for Influencer Marketing and Branding Strategies

In our latest blog post, Convosphere’s project manager, Yukari Takehisa, explores Japan’s pioneering integration of advanced tech into daily life. From CGI-created pop stars to the widespread digital escapism and the hikikomori phenomenon, Yukari, a dual resident of the UK and Japan, offers food for thought for brands who, intrigued by these transformative trends, are looking to incorporate virtual influencers into their marketing and comms strategies.

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Recommended Read: Managing Brand Reputation in the AI Era

We enjoyed this read on managing brand reputation in the AI era. It underscores the importance of transparency, addressing consumer feedback, tackling misinformation and establishing authority online. In case you missed it, our recent blog post also touches on this, explaining how human-led social listening and digital insights can play a key role in assisting organisations in safeguarding their online presence and the public perception of their brand.

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