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The Convosphere Digest | Issue 1, 2024

A Round-up of our Latest Resources, Events and Recommended Reads

Happy February and Lunar New Year! As we leave the first month of 2024 behind, we hope your year has started smoothly, whether you’re ringing in a new calendar year or celebrating the Lunar New Year. In this freshly revamped edition of our newsletter, we’re excited to bring you a selection of recommended reads, with a look at our latest resources and upcoming event. A friendly reminder: our team of 150+ in-country analysts is always ready to assist with your research projects, big or small, local or global. Feel free to reach out with your inquiry and we’ll get back to you right away.

Blog post: Social Listening for Online Reputation Management

For international brands, tuning into consumer conversations across various geographic markets is vital for reputation management. In our latest blog post, we delve into the complexities of brand perception in today’s digital world. Learn about the importance of social listening and digital insights in shaping and maintaining your brand’s online presence.

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Case study - White Space Analysis of the Edutainment Space

Case study: Assessing market opportunities in the edutainment space

This case study explores the considerations of a US-based tech company’s venture into the edutainment sector in Germany, France and Japan. See how our conversational data analysis and audience identification unveiled key market insights and opportunities to support the next steps in our client’s research strategy.

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Convosphere joins MRS’ Semiotics & Cultural Insights Event

How can semiotics and cultural research solve branding and communication challenges? This week, Convosphere’s Oliver Lewis will be joining the Market Research Society’s virtual event where he will discuss precisely this, drawing from our recent cross-market client projects. Oliver will offer best practice advice and highlight the critical role of cultural context in extracting meaningful insights from social media data. Stay tuned as we share more key industry events coming up!

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