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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 13.04.2018

  1. Curious about Data Storytelling? Click through to our blog! This week’s post, by our Madrid-based project manager Tamara Lucas, covers the basics of data visualisation and how to transform numbers into persuasive and compelling content.
  2. With our team spanning the globe, remote work is a natural part of our business here at Convosphere. Thanks to advancements in technology, the opportunity to log in from home a couple of days a week is a common feature at an ever-increasing number of companies. Aside from the obvious perks, such as dodging the nightmarish rush hour commute, other potential benefits include increased productivity and financial savings – both for the individual and the employer. This article has more.
  3. Interactive coffee experience? We’re all ears! Opened at the end of last year, Starbucks’ Shanghai Roastery has quickly become the chain’s highest earning branch, with customers flocking to it for a chance to enjoy the “immersive multi-sensory coffee, food and tea journey“. While the reported two hour queue time might be pushing it even for the most hardcore caffeine addicts in the Convosphere team, the concept of artisan coffee combined with augmented reality certainly has us intrigued. ☕
  4. With 200 million social network users in the US alone, it’s no wonder marketing departments allocate a considerable chunk of their budgets to figure out how to best reach consumers on social. Understanding what type of content people consider worth engaging with as they browse through their busy feeds is pivotal for brands, and this is where social listening comes into the picture. Click through for an eye-opening post on how the changing behaviour of today’s hyper-connected social media users impacts digital marketing trends.
  5. Soft spot for cute robots? You’re in good company. Although it undeniably raises questions around privacy, we can’t help but fall for Fribo, an adorable AI unit designed to serve as a ‘social connector’. Designed by a team of students in South Korea, Fribo the Robot recognises sounds in the owner’s home and uses these to communicate what they’re up to to their circle of friends. Cute or creepy? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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