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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 20.04.2018

  1. This week, Loc Dao, our Insights Manager in Vietnam, gets to enjoy the limelight! ? Featuring in the latest Employee Spotlight on the blog, Loc tells us all about his passion for research and delivering data insights, and his pug Sushi’s vain attempts to hide when she’s been up to something naughty.
  2. While people enjoy the convenience of online shopping, brick and mortar stores have not been abandoned by shoppers as experts once predicted. The winners in the retail sphere, however, are those brands that play the online and offline channels against each other through the adoption of new tech. On this note, this article looks at how physical retailers can use artificial intelligence to give customers the same personalised shopping experience that they have become accustomed to online. When it comes to clothes shopping, we really like the sound of interactive mirrors that help you find pieces for your body shape and size. ?
  3. With the UK and Ireland reportedly following Sweden’s controversial move towards a cashless society, the future of money is very much on the agenda. But how will a world without physical bank notes and coins impact consumers’ attitude towards spending? Click here to learn why the digitalisation of money is likely to make ‘financial self-awareness’ more important than ever.
  4. As anyone who works in social media or marketing knows, Big Data is everywhere. But how big is Big Data (huge? ginourmous??) and how much data is actually created each year? Presenting the headline stats, this infographic gets the thumbs up from us for helping to untangle the Big Data web.
  5. The Cambridge Analytica scandal has given us reason to think twice before ticking the “I accept” box at the bottom of the long list of terms and conditions when signing up to a new app or platform. But while we have become aware that the harvesting of private data is a serious issue, how much do you actually know about what Facebook has collected about you? In just a few steps, this post shows you how to access the archive of everything you’ve shared on Facebook. Oh, and unless you signed up yesterday, you may want to grab a coffee before sitting down to go through it all…

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