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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 17.08.2018

  1. Is Sacred Games the game changer that Netflix India needs to take on the local rivals Hotstar and Voot? Read about the video streaming giant’s international expansion strategy in this week’s blog post by our Bangalore-based team member Debasish Sarma.
  2. Cryptocurrency might be the saving grace Venezuela has been waiting for. The collapsing economy, which sees an annual inflation rate of 40,000 percent, has resulted in mass-emigration to neighbouring countries. For those left in the country, Bitcoin and Ethereum now offer a potential solution. But how will the cryptocurrency exchanges be affected by the government’s crackdown on blockchain technology? Find out here.
  3. For many of us, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are the go-to apps to connect with friends and the outside world. Yet in China, these popular platforms are unavailable to the country’s 772 million internet users as a result of censorship. Here’s a guide to the local social networks and tools that help the Chinese navigate the world and the web.
  4. From Uber and Lyft to Meituan Dache and Didi Chuxing, there appears to be an unlimited number of ride-hailing apps. The latest is newcomer Tada, owned by South Korean tech startup MVL, which is based on a blockchain ecosystem and promises to take zero cut from drivers’ earnings. Click through to learn exactly how the model will benefit the automotive industry as well as consumers. P.S. If you missed our blog post on the e-hailing sector in China earlier this year, here’s your chance to catch up!
  5. We thoroughly enjoyed this Brandwatch webinar on new ‘self-service’ data research technologies and their effect on the insight profession. To future proof your analysis career and remind yourself of the importance of a solid methodology, sign up for an on-demand session here.

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