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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 11.05.2018

  1. China’s booming influencer industry is thought to be worth a whopping $15.5 billion, with the country’s most successful key opinion leaders (KOLs) earning a fortune for each sponsored hashtag on Weibo and WeChat. But it seems the booming success of these top-influencers is facing a setback as luxury brands are turning to less exposed social media personalities. The appeal of the smaller KOLs? Not having to compete with a dozen other brands to make an impression on the influencer’s audience is one of the advantages listed in this article.
  2. Mystified by how some of your Instagram photos get five times as many likes as others? Keen to maximise those engagement levels? A new chatbot, developed by BBC’s science programming Tomorrow’s World, has the ability to predict the impact of your photo before you share it by comparing it to an enormous library of other posts, as well as your previous content on the platform. Colours, landmarks and human emotions are evaluated as part of the complex algorithm. Give it a try here.
  3. Following a challenging few months, during which it’s been slated for everything from its redesign to its choice of advertising, Snapchat is just about managing to stay afloat in terms of user popularity. According to Piper Jaffray’s new survey “Taking Stock with Teens”, the platform is still the favourite social network among adolescents. But with Instagram playing catch-up, here’s why Snap has to keep a close eye on the competition to ensure that gap won’t get any wider.
  4. Don’t forget that our co-founder and CEO Jackie Cuyvers will be talking about social listening in pharma marketing at Big Pink’s Secret of Successful MCM (Multi-Channel Marketing) event on Thursday next week (17th May). Find out more and sign up here!
  5. In the unlikely event that we have readers yet to reach adulthood – here’s some good news for you: Chances are your brain is young enough to learn a new language to a native level! Recent research shows that people are proficient at picking up a second language until late adolescence, about ten years later than estimated by previous studies. For us old folks, however, learning to speak French like a true Parisian will remain nothing but a dream… Au revoir! ?

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