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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 04.05.2018

  1. Our CEO and co-founder Jackie Cuyvers will be back on the stage later this month! On 17th May, she will be at Big Pink’s annual Secret of Successful MCM (Multi-Channel Marketing) event at the Runnymede Hotel in Surrey, England, to talk about how social listening can enhance pharma marketing. Keep an eye on our social media channels as we reveal more details.
  2. What can bloggers learn from social media memes? More than you might think. In explaining why the reusable format of memes can successfully be applied to business blogs, the author of this article shows how recycled content benefits both SEO and brand consistency.
  3. Less than two months after the Cambridge Analytica scandal hit the headlines, Facebook hosted its annual F8 conference for developers. Taking place in San Jose, California, earlier this week, the event was kicked off with CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealing several new AI updates to the platform. Will the excitement around these rollouts be enough to curb any data privacy concerns? That remains to be seen. Here’s a look at the highlights of F8 2018.
  4. How to eat, or rather not to eat, has become big business in Silicon Valley. Now a more popular Google search term than ‘diets’, monthly searches for ‘intermittent fasting’ have increased by 1000% (yes, a tenfold!) in the last three years. In their aim to capitalise on the new health fad, several startups have now developed tech to offer struggling fasters support in exchange for cash. Tempted to put your body through 36 hours of starvation? Find out more about the new trend and associated apps here.
  5. Offering a crying child money to buy herself an ice-cream may seem like an innocent gesture – until you share your act of benevolence on social media. Here’s how the ingredients of a soft serve turned into a Twitter frenzy earlier this week. Flake, anyone? ?

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