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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 08.06.2018

  1. This week’s blog post, by our Operations Director Louise Jones, focuses on the new dynamic culture of work and how Convosphere is embracing this widespread movement on a global scale. From potluck lunches and wheatgrass shots to karaoke and flat-pack assembly challenges, find out here how the Convosphere team work – and play! As usual, if you like it, please don’t forget to hit ‘like’. ?
  2. As part of the celebration of Pride Month in June, Facebook are helping to build excitement for the upcoming London Pride Festival by releasing a whole new set of rainbow features. Despite being criticised for dropping its Pride reaction last week, users may be willing to forgive the social network as they can now personalise their posts, profile pics and Messenger video calls with the multicoloured stripes. Happy #twentygayteen! ?️‍?
  3. If you have ever wondered how you could use social listening to better understand patients and physicians or improve your primary market research using social data, then tune into our webinar, hosted by Convosphere’s CEO Jackie Cuyvers, on Thursday 14th June at 4pm. To sign up and find out more about the session, click here.
  4. As new research shows that the best way to unleash the power of artificial intelligence (AI) is to partner it with human intelligence, the widespread fear of job displacement seems to be slowly fading. But as AI and automation begin to play a more prominent role in the workforce, you will more than likely be required to update your skillset to keep up to speed. This infographic by McKinsey Global Institute tells you more.
  5. Loyal Friday 5 readers will be familiar with our weakness for anything cutesy, be it robots or fluffy pets, so when we came across this Instagram profile earlier this week we knew it had to be shared with the world. A tame hedgehog travelling the globe with his owner – now that’s one account we won’t be muting! ?

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