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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 03.08.2018

  1. If you’re on Facebook, Youtube or any other social media you already have seen or heard about all the big screen releases for this summer, even before having to check your local cinema listings. This article gives us a look behind the curtain of how films are advertised and turn into a blockbuster. Super interesting!
  2. Are you into the beauty industry? Then find out how Estée Lauder has been using social listening to boost innovation across the company and enhance the customer experience.
  3. Starting next month, French students will have fewer hours on their smartphones or tablets. A new law in the country now bans students up to 15 years old to use any “connected objects” while at school. The Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer said that the ban is a matter of public health and was first introduced to prevent further screen-addiction amongst young people in France. What do you think about the ban? Tweet us at @convosphere with your opinion 😉
  4. Foreign merchants looking to target the growing e-commerce market in Latin America will have to pay attention to their calendars. According to this article, the key to the region’s e-commerce is knowing the best holidays to address and boost sales. However, be aware that LATAM countries often celebrate some of the seasonal special dates in different days than the rest of the world. Online sales in the region are expected to double to $118 billions by 2021 and major players such as Amazon have already started to set up their presence there, so we hope that more exciting news is coming soon.
  5. Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight or get in a better shape knows that it can be a long process and sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether you’re achieving your goals as physical changes come gradually and almost imperceptible on daily basis. Well, the future is here. This futuristic smart mirror aims to track your fitness progress by creating an accurate 3D model of your naked body and showing you any physical progress as they occur. Creepy or fascinating? You decide.