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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 01.06.2018

  1. Our latest blog post is now live! Our Healthcare Partner Ross Taylor shares his experience of attending Warhammer Fest with his teenage son, and what the game, and the culture around it, can teach the pharma and healthcare sectors about community.
  2. In last week’s newsletter, we talked about Instagram’s new mute button and how it can help to tidy up your feed on the photo-sharing platform. If you’re struggling with oversharers and attention-seekers on other channels, here’s a great guide on how to dial down on the content you enjoy less, to make more space for enjoyable updates and posts from loved ones.
  3. Yesterday, our Country Manager in Spain Tamara Lucas spoke at the event ‘Estamos con tu Negocio’ (‘We are with your Business’) in Madrid. Aimed at small and medium enterprises and freelancers, the event specialised in digital transformation, with Tamara’s presentation explaining how SMEs can measure their online presence in a quick and easy way. Find out more about the program here (article in Spanish).
  4. So it’s now been a week since the new GDPR regulation came into effect and our inboxes are still recovering from the hundreds of emails asking us to opt back into the services we apparently signed up to years ago. When it comes to social media, it seems Twitter has been particularly hard hit by the new rules, with many users, who were underage when they signed up to the platform, now finding their accounts locked. As Twitter was already losing young users to Snapchat and Instagram, they now face a tough challenge to win back the trust of this demographic.
  5. Our sheer dedication to binge-watching TV series and sharing stories on social media is making a difference to the world economy. Okay, it might sound like we’re trying to big ourselves up here but we’re actually talking about consumers as a whole (although the Convosphere team would be the first to admit their weakness for a good boxset!). The increased uptake of the above-mentioned activities across the world has contributed to a record year in BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking. Find out here which brands drove the $750 billion growth and how the Chinese players dominate the Fastest Risers segment in 2018.

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