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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 25.05.2018

  1. Calling all pharma marketers! We can’t recommend Perspectives‘ latest issue on pharma brand strategy highly enough.? Covering everything from the art of brand storytelling to how to use customer journeys to drive innovation, the magazine is available to download here. Best of all? It’s free!
  2. If you’re on Instagram, you’re likely to be familiar with that one friend who is, let’s say, a bit too generous when it comes to sharing their daily life. Hitting the ‘like’ button on only one of the 15 images posted by them in the last hour should perhaps serve as a hint to tone it down a notch. But, for oversharers, this subtle suggestion is likely to go unnoticed. Luckily, Instagram’s new mute button has the solution! How so? By letting you unfollow content, rather than the poster, meaning you can keep your feed free from serial posters without breaking their heart.
  3. With our penchant for cute robots, the Convosphere team loves hearing about the many different and innovative uses of AI. This post, about the introduction of emotionally intelligent chatbots in healthcare, has us intrigued about the future of medical tech – and strangely excited by the prospect of getting expert health advice from a friendly social robot. Are you equally thrilled, or horrified by the idea? Share your thoughts on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages! ?
  4. Make a note in your diary! Our CEO Jackie Cuyvers will be holding a webinar on the value of social listening in pharma on the 14th June. Keep your eyes peeled for further information and sign-up details on our social channels.
  5. While we’re still recovering from the most glamour-filled event in our lifetime (the fascinators alone were enough to keep us enthralled!), Harry and Meghan are already hard at work, making their first official appearance as husband and wife only a few days after tying the knot. As an American marrying into the Royal family, Markle has raised the profile of British royalty across the pond and it seems the US audience was bewildered by some of the components of the big day. Here are the most common topics Americans, and viewers in general, searched for on Google during the #RoyalWedding.

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