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Convosphere | Social Intelligence Digest | 29.01.2021

Political social insights for the win
Just like social listening helps brands connect with their consumer audience, it also allows political parties and candidates to track public opinion and better understand their constituencies. Following the unexpected result of the 2016 US Presidential Election, we showed how social intelligence could have been used to predict the outcome when polling failed. Now, with pandemic safety measures preventing face-to-face meetings and public gatherings, social intelligence has come to the fore as a powerful insight tool allowing politicians to identify the issues that matter most to citizens. The DNC credits social intelligence as one of the key success factors in understanding the real needs of voters in the recent US Presidential election. Meanwhile, in Mexico, presidential aspirant Ricardo Anaya will be doing a “social listening tour” of the country to listen and learn from the electorate.

Blog post: What can we learn about audiences through emojis?
Whether chatting to friends and family, debating a topic on Twitter or reacting to a post on Facebook, we’re all likely to use them: emojis! 😊 Offering a convenient way to get your point or feelings across, the picture characters have seen a sharp rise in popularity in the last decade thanks to smartphones and social media. Looking at trending emojis by culture and country, our most recent blog post explores why these symbols can help brands better understand audiences and target groups.

New Social Intelligence certification course makes waves in the industry
Social intelligence as a field has typically gathered people from market research, digital marketing or consumer behaviour backgrounds, with no formal path available for learning the ropes. But this is now changing as The Social Intelligence Lab, the first professional academy and community for social data practices, launch The Social Intelligence Growth Certification. The actionable learn-by-doing course covers the entire social intelligence journey; from defining use cases, briefing, building your tool stack, sourcing data and analysis to segmentation and storytelling.

‘Good poop matters, baby!’: How formula brand Friso nailed humorous campaign through social listening

Cutting through the stream of content is a challenge for any brand looking to capture consumers’ attention, and few markets are as competitive as baby food. Singaporean formula brand Friso decided to opt for a light-hearted tone in their latest campaign, targeting Millennial parents through ‘Mum-fluencers’ to advise about toddlers’ diet, digestion and “good poop”. Learn how active social listening helped the company turn the dry topic of gut health into an engaging and humorous campaign that struck a chord with Singaporean parents.

Covid-19 and small business best practice
As a small business with a global reach, remote working practices have been an intrinsic part of Convosphere’s company culture since our very start – but the current pandemic has taken that to a whole new level. And we’re not alone. As the most challenging health and economic crisis in recent history, Covid-19 has forced organisations across industries into exceptional measures to protect the well-being of their staff and maintain operations. So how is Convosphere dealing with the challenges posed in this new socio-economic climate? In this article in The Times, part of Dell’s campaign to support small businesses, Convosphere’s CEO Jackie Cuyvers, account director Natália Leão and content marketing manager Moa Wirde explain how they’ve kept the company’s collaborative team culture alive.

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