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Convosphere | Social Intelligence Digest | Edition 4

The value of social listening in marketing and beyond

Gone are the days when ‘social listening’ was widely misconceived as more or less synonymous with ‘social monitoring’. But while the general awareness of the value of social listening has improved across sectors, there’s always more to learn about the opportunities the methodology can unlock for brands – whether it’s gathering in-depth audience insights or gaining a competitive advantage. Exploring questions such as “How is social activity quantified when so much of it is subjective?” and “Where does social listening fit within the broader set of tools marketers use to build buyer personas?”, this article uses a case study to illustrate some of the best ways to harness the power of social media intelligence.

The ‘new normal’ in retail and the reactions on Twitter

As non-essential retailers start to reopen across Europe, the top five terms tweeted in retail tech in May 2020 give us an insight into how the industry will cope with the pandemic aftermath. First up is the stores themselves and whether shopping will continue to be seen as a leisure activity given you can’t touch anything or shop in groups with friends. There was widespread discussion of technology, from the use of AI to cope with the challenges of stock management, hygiene and staff shortages, to the growth of e-commerce as a replacement for physical visits. Of course, it won’t just be how we shop that changes. Experts are also predicting the decline of high-heeled shoes and formal wear now we’ve all discovered the joys of tracksuit bottoms and flats. Going by social media conversations, it seems “comfy chic” will remain the trending style even as we move into the ‘new normal’.

SpaceX launch captures the world

It may not be up there with the first moon landing, but the excitement around Elon Musk’s SpaceX launch had people around the world glued to their screens. In contrast to 1969, today’s communication technology meant viewers could instantaneously connect and share their thoughts on the historic mission, independent of their geographic location. This article details the social media reactions to the much-anticipated space excursion, the top trending  #LaunchAmerica tweets and memes and assesses the role the internet plays in such a rare global event.

How Indian brands are capitalising on real-time social listening insights

That paid endorsements from Bollywood celebs are a key marketing strategy for Indian brands is hardly surprising. But during the lockdown, some companies have taken this to the next level. Using real-time insights generated by their social listening programs, canny brands have kept a close eye on the social media activity of the nation’s ‘super influencers’ and their followers, making sure not to miss a chance to shine. For example, earlier this month, actress Sonam Kapoor asked her fans where she could find Uncle Chipps in Delhi. After spotting the post, PepsiCo’s brand team sent Kapoor packets of Uncle Chipps. In response, the star shared a picture of the gift with her 28.9 million Instagram followers to express her gratitude. A great example of the opportunities provided by social listening, we can only expect to see more instant partnerships between brands and celebrities in India and beyond.

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