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Convosphere | Social Intelligence Digest | 26.08.2021

Case study: Building a cross-market brand community with deep audience insights

A strong brand community can supercharge your organic growth, drive loyalty, boost ROI and even improve customer experience. But what are the steps you need to consider when building your brand’s online community? Gleaning insights about your audience’s shared values and interests through social listening is a great place to start. In our newly added case study, we explain how, by combining social listening and cluster analysis, we were able to help our client build an organic community around their new cleaning product.

Pinning down Gen Z’s use of social media – from YouTube to TikTok

That social media plays a central role in the lives of Gen Z won’t surprise anyone. As the first truly digitally native generation, they are frequently recognised as the driving force behind recent increases in social media consumption. But which platform do they rate the highest? How does usage vary by gender? And which age groups are more likely to favour Instagram over TikTok, and vice versa? Considering their $142bn global spending power, it is in brands’ interest to get to grips with Gen Z’ers whereabouts and habits online.

Forging consumer connections with ‘hyper-loyalty’ schemes

Once associated with stamp cards, customer loyalty schemes have moved on from the ’10th on us’ standard. In recognising the importance of forging an emotional connection with the customer, many beauty brands are now adopting ‘hyper-loyalty’ schemes. From incentivising buyers with rewards in the form of company shares held in a digital wallet to offering paid-for memberships to buy products at cost price, these new loyalty models are developed in a bid to combat “ever-shorter product cycles, relentless micro-trends and consumers searching for newness”.

Going Glocal: Failproofing your international expansion strategy with local insights

What are the risks of applying a one-size-fits-all approach to global social listening projects? How can local analysts help ensure the success of your international marketing campaign? These questions (and more) are answered in this article by The Social Intelligence Lab, featuring Convosphere’s Account Director and Spain Country Manager, Tamara Lucas. As explained by Tamara, effective social listening needs to take into account the cultural context of each mention, examining not only the words in every post but also images and emojis.

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