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Convosphere | Social Intelligence Digest | 29.04.2021

Company news: US expansion and new Managing Director for North America office

We’re very excited to welcome Sam Flemming to the Convosphere team as Managing Director of our new North America office. An outstanding new addition to the senior Convosphere team, Sam, who recently moved back to Atlanta after 20+ years in China, will work closely with all departments as we further expand into the US and continue our growth throughout APAC.

How to reach the complex and growing gaming audience

Did you know that in 2020 more than 2.7 billion people across the globe played video games? That’s 34% of the world population. Accounting for over half of these, the Asia Pacific region leads the way, with China and Japan at the forefront. But how can marketers capture the notoriously hard-to-reach gaming audience? Understanding the demographics and psychographics of modern gamers is the first step according to this article in Marketing Dive.

Post-pandemic consumer behaviour

It’s now been thirteen months since WHO officially recognised the coronavirus as a global pandemic and countries around the globe imposed the first of several lockdowns. At Convosphere, we have directly witnessed the shift in consumer behaviour in responding to our clients’ needs to keep their finger on the pulse in a world that’s embracing digital solutions. As self-confessed nerds with a predilection for big data and research, we’ve enjoyed this interactive. Click through to test your ideas about which Covid-19 induced trends will stay with us as we move into the New Normal.

Social listening, tech and the human touch: What does the future hold?

Will marketing become more human thanks to technology? How scalable is a human-led analysis in comparison to platforms that combine AI, natural language processing, machine learning (ML) and linguistic rules? These were some of the questions tackled in Audiense’s interview with Convosphere’s Global Head of Insights, Oliver Lewis, and VP of Solutions at Converseon, Ben Sigerson. Click through to learn their attitudes towards human-led analysis and AI/machine learning, and why they agree there’s no need to put the two approaches at odds with one another.

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