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Coronavirus Best Practice: Convosphere

Our Senior Analyst, Moa Wirde, talks about how we at Convosphere are addressing the challenges raised by working through the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Moa discussed how we are still recruiting and holding remote interviews with Zoom and how we have moved to remote working with ease due to having a small core team spread across several countries. Furthermore, as our founders Jackie and Paul were both parents of young children when the business was launched, working from home practices have been natural from the start. This has eased the extra burden of caring for children and supporting their learning at home, as flexibility is at the core of Convosphere. We have adapted communications processes for working from home, with virtual Zoom meet-ups, lunch catch-ups or Team Night In on Fridays. 

Moreover, there is support for all employees struggling to cope from the pandemic to speak to the management team directly or an HR contact in place for anyone who needs additional support. Convosphere has also encouraged the team to visit specialist sites that can help answer general questions and clarify any concerns. 

The main challenges we at Convosphere have been dealing with is missing the social aspect of coming into the office and seeing each other face-face. Given we’re all on web-meetings with clients, technology itself can cause problems and background noise. However, we’re used to working from home, we’re all in this together and those challenges help further familiarity and camaraderie with our clients.

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