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Convosphere | Social Intelligence Digest | April 2022

Blog post: How brands can use social listening to super-charge marketing campaigns

A common use of social listening is for measuring brand reputation and the impact of marketing campaigns. While these applications are essential, social listening has its uses beyond these. In fact, social listening can inform every stage of your marketing campaign – from Planning and Execution to Evaluation. In our latest blog post, we’ll show you how social listening plays a role across all these stages of your campaign.

Webinar: Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest Food and FMCG industry trends

Is your brand ready for the future? Don’t miss Talkwalker’s webinar on food industry trends in the UK, featuring an expert panel of speakers, including Convosphere’s Insights Director, Oliver Lewis, and delegates from Twitter, and 10 Yetis Digital. Besides industry trends, the panellists will cover case studies and discuss how communicators can keep up with changing consumer behaviour to secure success for their brand.

  • Want to learn how to harness the real benefits of social data to inform strategic decision-making? While most organisations are using some form of social monitoring to track competitor activity, many fail to truly optimise its full potential. Our Competitive Intelligence report shows you how social insights can give you an overview from a global or regional perspective to sharpen your competitive edge.
  • As seasoned social listeners, we’re always quick to emphasise the value of social data for market research. However, relying on online data as a source can be risky if the analysis is not conducted in a sound, effective and ethical manner. We recommend this piece by our friends at The Social Intelligence Lab on how to navigate the benefits and potential pitfalls of using digital data for consumer insights.


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