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Convosphere | Monthly Digest | October 2018

  1. Earlier this month, the UN released a climate change report that warned of dire consequences if people don’t reconsider the sustainability of their lifestyle habits. But as consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their own role in preventing an environmental catastrophe, they’re also more likely to hold brands accountable. Our new blog post takes a look at some of the recent green efforts by multinationals and, crucially, how social media users have been reacting to them.
  2. Following technological advancements, clinical drug development is moving away from traditional approaches. A growing number of patients suffering from rare diseases are no longer required to travel long distances to attend clinical trials. Instead, they can participate in virtual trials, made possible by smartphones and mobile devices. This whitepaper has more on the impact of the virtual patient study paradigm.
  3. Did you know that, between July and September this year, mobile users around the world spent $150,000 every minute on apps? That’s only one of the myriad mind-blowing stats in the Q4 Global Digital Statshot by Hootsuite and We Are Social. The 72 slide report is available here, where you’ll also find a convenient summary of the main findings.
  4. The fast fashion industry has been going through a rough time in recent years. Consumers are moving away from the mass-produced items found in the shops of the leading apparel brands, instead favouring a more personalised offering and individual looks. Taking advantage of this new trend, Amazon upgraded its fashion offering earlier this year with the ‘try before you buy’ Prime Wardrobe service. This article does a deep-dive into today’s fashion sector and the impact of new tech, such as 3D body scanning and body shape algorithms.
  5. Missed our #SocialCheckUp webinar on EASD 2018? No problem! You can now view the recorded version of the webinar, co-hosted by us and Ogilvy Healthworld, which takes you through the key social insights from Europe’s leading diabetes conference. Click through to our blog here.

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