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Convosphere | Monthly Digest | October 2019

  1. Sweden’s race to become the first cashless society made headlines earlier this year, with some asking if the country’s high-tech ambitions had gone too far. This fast growth of digital payment methods is one of many topics covered in ‘The Swedes and the Internet 2019’, a survey by the Swedish Internet Foundation. The latest edition also reports on the effect of GDPR on content sharing, email versus chat, privacy concerns and attitudes to common online activities. Anyone looking for an overview of digital trends and netizen behaviour in Sweden can find a summary of the 167-page document here.
  2. Our Associate Director, Tamara Lucas, is keeping busy next month. Not only is she joining a panel discussion at Esomar Fusion in Madrid on the 12th of November, but she’s also co-hosting a session at IIex Behaviour UK in London on the 18th of November. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s featuring as an expert in this recently published blog post by the Social Intelligence Lab. Go, Tami!
  3. It’s not you, it’s your camera. Be honest, how many attempts were there before you settled on the last selfie you published on Instagram? According to research, five is the average number of takes people need before capturing the ‘perfect’ shot, with some getting through considerably more. If you are among those who have given up trying finding the ideal selfie angle, you might feel better after reading this article which explains why typical selfies are unflattering by nature and how to avoid the worst selfie pitfalls. One tip: the mirror selfie is definitely not a solution.
  4. Another selfie-option could, of course, be to cover your face with a mask! This looks like a growing trend in the US, where research has revealed that social media is driving Halloween purchases. Although overall Halloween spending is expected to decrease this year compared to 2018, social media platforms are playing a more important role than ever in people’s trick or treating. Whilst one study found that YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest were the go-to channels for costume ideas, another showed that 48% of Millennial shoppers only buy Halloween items and masks to include in social media posts. For some more Halloween stats, click through to this spooky infographic. ?
  5. If you’ve kept an eye on our social media channels, you would have seen that we have been shortlisted in the SME category in’s 10th-anniversary Top Employer Awards. We’re thrilled to be recognised for our commitment to flexible working practices! Curious to know how our flexible work schedules work from an employee perspective? Click through to our blog and the latest Employee Spotlight, featuring our German Insight Analyst and new mum, Uli Schulz. Now, keep your fingers crossed for the Top Employer Awards Ceremony on the 5th of November. ?

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