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Employee Spotlight – Uli Schulz: “If there’s trust in a working relationship everything else is negotiable”

In the Employee Spotlight series, we meet with Convosphere’s team members to find out who they are and what their job roles involve. In this interview, we talk to Ulrike Schulz (a.k.a. Uli), our German Insight Analyst based in London.

Where are you from and where are you based?

“I’m originally from Germany. I grew up in Berlin and Munich, moved to Vienna to study and, in 2011, I relocated to London where I got my first job. I’ve been living here ever since with an interruption of one year when I lived and worked in Singapore.”

When did you join Convosphere?

“I started working for Convosphere a couple of years ago as a freelancer. I actually met the team only online but working remotely worked so well with Convosphere. A year ago, I had my daughter so I told the team and they were happy to accept my new strange mum schedule. I continued to work entirely remotely until I was asked to join the team as a permanent employee (and I finally met the team offline). ”

Uli with Lilli Jazz: “One year with my daughter and every day is so unique.”
What are you responsible for in your role?

“I’m mainly responsible for projects involving the German market. I make sure that the client has good insights about what’s going on in Germany based on their enterprise and product(s).”

What does a typical work week for you look like? 

“I work three days a week. One day, I come into the office where I can catch up with my colleagues and enjoy adult conversations. Another day, I work from home or a cafe and the third day I spread over the week. That way I stay flexible and can address any updates on projects, i.e. I work a little in the morning and in the evening.”

How do you manage to balance work and your family life? 

“I’m happy that my work hours are very flexible. I still spend the majority of my time with my daughter, which gives me a great feeling of confidence and satisfaction. At the same time, I’m fully involved in work-life again and enjoy stimulating my brain.”

Uli went travelling through Southeast Asia for three months just before moving back to London from Singapore.
For you, what is the one thing a professional environment should offer a mum?

“Trust. If there’s trust in a working relationship everything else is negotiable. That involves trust in the employee using her flexibility wisely. I felt good about myself when I could tell Convosphere I have a daughter and this is how I like to schedule my work hours. There was trust that I “still” do an excellent job.”

Has becoming a parent affected your approach to work?

“It actually gave me a new wave of motivation. It’s great to have some work lined up AND be a parent. Working on new projects is exciting because I want to set an example for my daughter. Showing her I can be there for her and creating a life where I can challenge myself intellectually.”

Have your career goals and aspirations changed?

“Yes! For the first time, I want to see myself growing in the same company. Before, I changed jobs less than every two years out of boredom and inflexibility. Now, I feel I can make an impact if I work hard enough and show some stamina. It’s the first time I feel that way.”

What’s on the horizon for you professionally?

“I’m looking forward to networking with the team and other insights professionals at upcoming events. I just started as a permanent employee so I’m excited to see how existing and new projects challenge me and all the hidden skills inside of me.”

What would be your dream holiday?

“I really want to go to Japan. It’s a country I’m so curious about: the design, the food, the people, cherry blossom etc. I’d love to spend a couple of weeks there with my little family to explore cities, beaches and the countryside.”

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