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Convosphere | Monthly Digest | December 2019

  1.  In the U.K. Christmas adverts are not just big business, they are a holiday tradition. From fire-breathing baby dragons to time-travelling delivery vans, this year’s best Christmas adverts have been ranked according to how brands won hearts on social media. According to 4C’s Annual “Top 10 Christmas Ad Rankings” which uses social listening and AI to determine who’s ad drove the most conversation and engagement across social media, Tesco was the winner for 2019 with its heartwarming time-travelling “Back to the Future” advertisement. Our fan favourite in the office is the one for the small Wales-based Hafod Hardware store, whose £100 video has gone viral with over 2.5 Million views. That’s pretty good ROI! What’s your favourite for 2019?

    2. In a year full of news stories of bots, fake news, and misinformation – the internet just got a little more authentic as 55 million fake Americans were removed by Facebook and Twitter on Friday. Facebook detailed its actions in a blog post, noting that it removed 610 Facebook accounts, 89 pages, and 156 groups, as well as 72 Instagram accounts, that were automating content, spamming the site, and spreading misinformation, while Twitter removed 700 accounts from its platform for violating Twitter’s rules around platform manipulation, specifically fake accounts and spam.

    3. Rushing around for last-minute presents, decorating the house for the holidays or making a large family feast. There is a lot of work that goes into celebrating the seasonal holidays and in many families, these tasks are still attached primarily to women. The German anti-discrimination organization Pinkstinks is now raising awareness of this in social media with its 60 second Christmas spot for a better division of labour around the holidays – sharing the message that “Christmas lives from traditions. Not from clichés”.

    4. At the end of every year, we’ve become accustomed to the year-in-review posts, but now at the close of the decade, we’re starting to see the decade-in-review posts begin to fill our social media feeds. It’s been the decade of social media, from Twitter to Tumblr, Vine and TikTok, social media platforms have come and gone and online Memes have become offline phrases of speech (“Ok Boomer”). Check how well you know your memes at this look back over the last decade, as Vox counts down to the next decade from the Double Rainbow of 2010 to 2019’s Baby Yoda.

    5. Vine is dead – long live Vine. Short-form video app Vine with it’s 6-second scrolling video clips was acquired by Twitter in 2012 and was disabled by Twitter in 2016 and archived in 2017 and continues to live on in Youtube playlists. The continued popularity of those videos on Youtube and ongoing success of similar short-form video apps like Snapchat 10 second video clips or the global success of TikTok with it’s 500+ Million active users show there is a desire for apps that help facilitate the development and sharing of short-form video. Our 2020 prediction is we’ll see a rash of new short-form video apps take off, including Byte and Firework. What’s your 2020 social media or insights prediction?

Wishing all of our readers a Happy Holiday Season.

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