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[Webinar] Convosphere and MAPFRE at the MRS Financial Services Summit 2021

An Agile Approach to Customer Persona Development

Last month, Convosphere and global insurance company MAPFRE attended the Market Research Society’s Financial Services Summit where we co-presented a case study on digital health insurance. Led by Convosphere’s Tamara Lucas and MAPFRE’s Odoga Treviño, the 30 min presentation guided viewers through our recent work for MAPFRE, with a focus on how social media intelligence formed a vital component in the innovative solution which successfully captured the true voice of their customers in a timely and cost-effective manner. The project combined several methodologies – including social listening, ethnography and focus groups – as part of its agile approach to developing customer personas to help the MAPFRE team gain a comprehensive view of life insurance customers in Spain.  The insights generated enabled MAPFRE to effectively target these audiences with resonant and relevant messaging.

Don’t miss you can also download a PDF copy of the case study here.

Watch the Webinar to Learn:

  • How Convosphere, through deep social listening, were able to identify the key drivers and barriers to owning health insurance and the key customer journey points.
  • How the initial findings, obtained through social listening, informed the formation of the questions used in the qualitative methodologies, including ethnography and digital focus groups conducted in collaboration with a trusted partner.
  • How six key personas emerged based on the social intelligence and qualitative research and how these personas now inform how MAPFRE communicate with each group, new product developments and UX.



MAPFRE is a global insurer, with operations on five continents. A market leader in Spain, it is the largest Spanish insurance company in the world, the third-largest insurance group in Latin America and the sixth largest non-life insurer in Europe. Through multilingual social listening and audience intelligence, Convosphere has worked closely with MAPFRE on several projects, providing MAPFRE with vital insights to support the organisation’s content creation, development in marketing campaign planning and strategic decision-making.

About the MRS Financial Services Summit

The Market Research Society (MRS) is the world’s leading research association and the most active supplier of events and networks for UK market research. Designed to show organisations the power of research when it comes to understanding consumers’ attitudes, behaviours and needs, MRS Financial Services Summit comprises use cases to demonstrate how financial organisations are optimising the way they commission, use and embed insight to deliver customer-centric strategies. In addition to Convosphere and MAPFRE, this year’s virtual event featured talks and presentations by NatWest Group, Financial Conduct Authority, Lloyds Banking Group, L&G, ClearScore and Zurich Financial Services.