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The Convosphere Digest | Issue 4, 2024

Here in the UK, summer is heating up, and we have a line-up of industry events on the horizon. Our team recently returned from the insightful Pharma Social Media Conference in London, where our booth was buzzing with exciting conversations and connections. It was a joy to return to this event and reconnect with familiar faces in the industry.

This week, we’re packing our bags for AMEC in Sofia, Bulgaria, to be followed by the highly anticipated Meltwater Summit in NYC in June. These conferences are prime opportunities to connect with peers, exchange ideas and immerse ourselves in the latest trends and best practices in the social listening and digital insights space. We’re looking forward to lively discussions, thought-provoking sessions and meeting new people from across the industry. Attending AMEC or the Meltwater Summit? Drop us an email, we’d love to meet up!

In other news, we’re delighted to announce that we are now official partners with Audiense. We’ll be teaming up with their fantastic team to collaborate more closely. Stay tuned as we share more details about this partnership soon.

As always in The Convosphere Digest, here are the top stories as selected by our team.

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On-Demand Webinar: Using Social Data for Competitive Intelligence

Our training webinar series, The Social Insights Academy, is back! In the latest episode, we focus on leveraging social data for competitive intelligence. Topics discussed include understanding competitors’ communication strategies, finding new market opportunities with social data and using AI in competitive intelligence workflows. Missed previous episodes? Catch up on the full series covering influencer marketing, journey analysis and more.

Sharing Our Expertise on Audience Intelligence Best Practices

Be sure to check out this article by Audiense featuring our very own Account Director, Hannah Humpherson. She joins a panel of experts from Listen + Learn Research, Lively Worldwide and Zeno Group to share her wisdom on audience intelligence best practices. The panel explores strategies for data integration, audience segmentation and leveraging diverse data types to gain a comprehensive understanding of your audiences. A must-read for anyone looking to elevate their audience intelligence game!

Recommended Read: Understanding the Say-Do Gap in Consumer Decisions

Identifying purchase triggers goes beyond explicit cost-benefit analyses. Exploring the disconnect between what consumers say and what they do, NielsenIQ report “Connecting Mind and Matter” emphasises understanding both conscious and non-conscious drivers, leveraging heuristics and utilising data to predict consumer expectations. The findings reinforce the value of deep, behavioural insights in understanding market movements. Worth a read if you’re interested in uncovering hidden drivers in consumer behaviour, providing valuable context for strategic decision-making.

Here To Support Your Insights Needs

At Convosphere, we understand the challenges businesses face in navigating the complex world of online insights. That’s why we specialise in custom social listening and digital insights, analysing web and social data globally in over 100 languages to help you stay ahead. Our expert analysts dive deep into consumer behaviours, offering precise, actionable reports that deliver recommendations that drive your strategic decisions forward. With our culturally aware approach, we ensure your brand truly understands and connects authentically with communities globally, addressing your unique needs with tailored solutions.

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